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Sara and the Puzzling Ancient Secret

Sara and the Puzzling Ancient Secret Book Jacket"Key to future mystery

Key to past history

To an age Before

Hidden beyond the door."

Secrets overflow in this latest, and most thrilling, series of time traveling adventures. What Sara Winter and Ashley Porter discover is both enlightening and miraculous. A secret smile. A secret room. But, never to be shared. Secrets can be wonderful, and yet ...

Vivid dreams, strange and, at times, terrifying. Will they become reality? This time will the girls be able to control their destination? This time will they be able to return?

A city of magnificent canals and a man with a mind unequaled before, or since. What secrets do Sara and Ashley learn form this kind genius? What surprises does he learn from them? A flight down a narrow underground tunnel ... foul smelling dampness, crumbling, slimy walls ... the scratching of rats ... is there no end? Escape goes wrong and turns into a sickenly frightening descent into a whirlpool. Plunging ever deeper. And then ... a shimmering light growing closer. A face at a window.

Another visionary. Another who will believe their extraordinary story. An underseas world. Walls slide back to show the glory of an ocean far, far below its surface. A table set with fine crystal and strange, wondrous delicacies. How can this be?

But how can Sara and Ashley return from this dazzling world of water? Courage and ingenuity will have to be found in every ounce of their being to achieve their goal, and their creativity tested.

A friendship that will never be broken, strengthened by sharing danger and faith in each other, Sara and Ashley pursue mystery-history adventures beyond imagination .... what a gift they have been given.


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Strange Happenings in the Night

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