Sara and the

Mysterious Glass Key

by e.b. kowal


 A Blinding Flash!



In the next thirty minutes Sara’s life was about to be changed forever, and she didn’t have the slightest clue.

A bright flash!

Ow! Wha'…what was that?” Sara yelled, jerking her head back, startled. She sucked in her breath, stood stark still… blinded by the blazing light. She breathed out slowly.

Again! Dazzling! Quick! The bright flash!  The sun was definitely glinting off something ahead of her in the weeds.

What was that? Sara’s eyes shifted slowly around.

She glanced up the path. I don’t see anything, she thought, walking cautiously toward the spot of the last flaring. 

Without warning… Another sudden burst of brightness…this time, closer, directly in front of her. What could be catching the sun’s rays?

“There!” she shouted, pointing to the shining tip of something partially hidden in the grass.

“Aha,” Sara exclaimed, quickening her steps until she was almost on top of it. She stooped down for a better look. The source of that glare lay practically under her foot. “Uh oh, almost stepped on it.”

Sara picked it up turning it over slowly in her palm. It’s a key… and it’s made of glass! The strangest thing I’ve ever seen! Looks like it belongs to a pirate’s treasure chest. She flicked off pieces of dirt with her finger, eyes scanning the surrounding area for anything that looked like a box or even a good place to hide one. Nothing. Sara turned the key over a few times, examining the detail. Her dark eyebrows wrinkled.

“Hmm, curious shape,” she muttered. “And pretty. Don’t know what it can possibly open,” she murmured, slipping the little trinket into her vest pocket almost absentmindedly. Sara waited a few minutes. She looked around. Everything appeared okay, so she continued on her way with her mind focused on the small glass prize.

She’d only walked a short distance before deciding to take another look at her treasure. She sat down on a large tree stump, pulled the key from her pocket and stared at the beautiful intricately-designed glass.

Sara went deep into her thinking. She usually liked problem-solving and working things out logically in her mind. But there was something about finding this key that was puzzling and illogical. Her skin prickled and she shivered. For no special reason she grew suddenly uncomfortable, uneasy.

“I don’t know why, but somehow I feel this key is important.” She sensed something unusual was about to happen. In fact, Sara had no way of knowing that her small discovery was about to have a large effect on her life. Nothing would ever be the same again.

The sound of twigs snapping startled her. She dragged her mind away from the key in her hand and looked over her shoulder…………………………………


To be continued