Sara and the

Clue in the Roll-top Desk

by e.b. kowal



 Tempers Fly!


“There is real magic!”

“There is not!” Ashley yelled.

“Phooey! Double Phooey!” Sara snapped, making a face.

“Back to you!” Ashley snapped back, sticking out her tongue.

“No way. I’m rubber. You’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!” Sara chanted.

“Where’d you pick that old saying up?” Ashley asked, sneering. Sara shrugged.

Summer vacation. The sun was shining. Cool breezes were blowing … but things were heating up in Sara’s room. She and her best friend Ashley were having a disagreement. No, they were arguing!

You definitely wouldn't expect magical things to be going on in an ordinary house like Sara's ... on an ordinary street like Sycamore, in an ordinary town. But, then again, who knows?

“Things can happen which aren't tricks,” insisted Sara, slapping her thigh. SMACK! “And,” she continued ... her teeth and chin set firm, “Not everything can be explained! Besides ….”

Sara knew she was right, about real magical things happening to people, that is. It happened to her, didn't it! But what proof did she have? That was the source of the problem: no proof. Of course she still had the glass key and the rag doll, but so what? It was how she got them and what happened that day that was important.

Ashley looked up at the ceiling, rolled her eyes and tapped her feet as she let out a deep sigh. She was annoyed. Really exasperated! Why does Sara always think she's right? Boy, she irritates me sometimes!

“Magic is nothing more than tricks,” Ashley griped, cutting in before Sara could finish her sentence.  

“The magician snags your attention to fool you. He distracts you. Don’t you get it? Sara, how come you're so stubborn?” Ashley asked, sarcastically, shaking her head back and forth, her short, curly brown hair bouncing.

 “Me stubborn? Ha! I am not! You're the pig-headed one. You won't even try to open your mind. That's worse,” Sara barked, dark eyes flashing as she brushed her brown bangs aside. She was always fussing with her out-of-control hair. And therewere no smiles and dimples this day.

Aggravating! Absolutely aggravating! She couldn't get through. Ashley wouldn't budge. Sara was frustrated. She frowned.

Both girls were getting more and more upset. Their voices rose, climbing higher and squeakier ... eyes crossing and glaring. Uh, oh ... this was not good. This was terrible!..............................................................................


To be continued