Sara and the Incredible

Magic Time-Bubble

by e.b. kowal



The Monopoly Caper


An ordinary rain shower? A simple board game? How do they add up to a journey back in time?

Sara and Ashley were in their bathing suits prancing, skipping and sliding all over the lawn, shrieking and yelling, cool rain flooding over them.

Whee! Yi, yi, yi! Shrill screeches of pure delight pierced the air.

It was raining. Pouring. The sun was shining, but it was definitely raining, all day. No thunder. No lightning. Just a steady summer sun shower.

Arrrgle! Garrrgle! Terr-ific!” Sara gurgled, water trickling down her dark bangs, soaking her long, dark hair. Her face was lifted skywards, her mouth open, catching gulps of the wet stuff. It tasted delicious on her tongue.

“Imagine if we washed only when it rained!” Ashley exclaimed, water droplets clinging to her short curls and dribbling down her neck. “What a life!”

Eeyuck! We'd stink! We’d need tons of perfume,” Sara chimed in, gargling and giggling as she did, water running out of her mouth too.

Suddenly, gray clouds hid the sun. Both girls felt a chill. They shivered. Their teeth chattered as they looked at each other. Without saying anything they knew it was time to call it quits. Their thoughts often ran together.

The girls raced inside Sara’s house, drying off as they ran, shaking with cold. After they’d changed they plopped down on the floor in Sara’s bedroom. It was still raining outside.

A perfect Monopoly day. Ashley counted out the money. Sara set up the board as they sat listening to the rhythm of the rain on the roof………………………………


To be continued