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Sara and the Mysterious Glass Key

Sara and the Mysterious Glass Key Book JacketSmart, spunky 11-year-old Sara Winter is all about adventure. She loves Nancy Drew books and solving mysteries with her best friend Ashley. So when Sara spies a beautiful glass key while walking home from school, her curiosity is aroused. What mysteries will the key unlock?

When an unseen and mysterious voice urges Sara to open the rusty padlock of a run-down garden gate, curiosity triumphs over fear. What happens next is as unexpected as it is remarkable. Sara makes startling discovery after discovery, becoming a hero in the process.

When Sara accidentally stumbles upon a castle's mysterious Doors of Time, she is faced with challenges from the Jurassic period to Colonial America.

Are Sara's quick wit and sharp mind a match for what she discovers? Will her lucky purple tennis shoes help her make it home to her beloved cat Skinnybones? Will Sara's mom and Ashley believe her tale of intrigue? Who or what followed Sara home, or was the shadow merely a creation of her mind?

e.b. kowal explores imagination, problem-solving and friendship in the first in a series of Sara Winter mystery-histories, each more exciting than the last!



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A Blinding Flash!


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