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  Front Cover Book 3  On a beautiful summer's day, our intrepid heroine, Sara Winter, finds herself confined to her bed, with a particularly horrid summer cold. But, even as sick as she is, she cannot help but notice a pale lavender glow flooding her room. With the startling appearance of gigantic, shimmering bubbles floating silently towards her, aches and chills are soon forgotten.

What follows next is hard for Sara to believe, even as she experiences it ... TIME TRAVEL! Will she actually meet Mark Twain who hid the clue to his manuscript in the roll-top desk? More importantly ... will he notice that she is in her pajamas? Oh, the wonder ... the embarrassment ... the ... Whoa!

A Mother who believes her, and a skeptical best friend Ashley, who will soon be cocooned with Sara in another giant bubble hurtling through time and space ... a skeptic no longer. A new journey more fantastic than the first and, don't you know, more wonderful because it is shared. And all the while, what role has Purple Doll played in such wonder?

How do Sara and Ashley save our founding fathers? Is it really Sara Winter who names the Bill of Rights? What is flummery? What is syllabub? Such secrets. But maybe the greatest secret revealed, is what it is that binds friends closer together, and why special mothers always make us think beyond ourselves.

 e.b. kowal explores imagination, problem solving, and best friend-ship in the third in a series of Sara Winter mystery-histories, each more exciting than the last!

Sara and the Incredible Magic-Time Bubble

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The Monopoly Caper

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