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Sara and the Clue in the Roll-top Desk

Front Cover Book 2

Inquisitive 11-year-old Sara Winter questions if real magic exists. Strange things happen with the furniture in her room and with Purple Doll. Mom and best-friend-forever Ashley see it too, so it must be real! Somehow Sara feels the solution to the weird happenings is related to the old Gluckenfelder Mansion. When Mom suggests that they all attend an auction of mansion treasures, Sara and Ashley jump at the chance!

Itís at the auction warehouse that Sara spies the charming antique roll-top desk and feels drawn to it in an unexplainable and curious way. When a white-gloved stranger almost outbids her for the quirky item, secrets begin to unfold. What surprises does the desk hold?

Hints come to Sara in a dream. Then kitty-cat Skinnybones gets in on the act. What connection is there between the Great American novelist Mark Twain and the Gluckenfelder Mansion?  Sara has a feeling that another mystery-history is right around the corner.

Are there clues to be found in the roll-top desk and will Saraís wit and determination help her find answers to the mysteries she experienced in the glass castle?

e.b. kowal explores imagination, problem-solving and best friend-ship in the second in a series of Sara Winter mystery-histories, each more exciting than the last!




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