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Book 4 JacketSara Winter and her best friend forever, Ashley Porter, now experienced time travelers ... or so they think, find that things are not always what they seem. This new and exciting adventure gives the daring duo, along with stowaway, Skinnybones, Sara's beloved cat, the opportunity to change history ... or rather, keep it as we know it. Can a terrifying, ghostly voice avoid a mutiny and protect the discovery of the New World by one of the most famous explorers ever known? Will an ingenious plan save the day? More importantly, can they get home again? The effort to return to the 21st century becomes confused. Instead of a jump forward, there is a leap three thousand years into the past.

It is hot. Tall stone columns rising to the sky carved with strange symbols and pictures, floors decorated with pools of water and floating lotus plants, ceilings painted with flying birds. Where have they landed? Does Skinnybones really become a goddess? Will Ashley become the wife of the most famous pharaoh known to mankind? Without warning, during a great party, the threat of danger arises. They must leave at once. Immediately. Will a mysterious woman help them find their way out? And then ... the secret passage. But will it take them home?

Reversing their journey back to the 21st century has suddenly become far more complex. Their escape is not to the comfort of Sara's home but to a forbidding ice encrusted landscape complete with wooly mammoths, filled with danger everywhere. Unease, to put it mildly, is settling in. How will they return? Can they return? Or will these three explorers of time and space become the subject of a million year old archeological find? Could the furry stowaway have the answer?

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