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e.b. kowal's passion for words and imaginative stories will take you on fascinating journeys with Sara, Ashley, Skinnybones the cat and, mysterious Purple Doll.
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Become part of Sara Winter's awesome world. Quiver and laugh with Sara and her best friend Ashley Porter as they wend their way through the past under the magical and watchful eyes of Purple Doll.
Purple Doll
The five book magical mystery-history Sara Series is entertaining and packed with fun.  The first book is an extraordinary adventure of an ordinary fifth grader. 
But is it?
  Is it all merely an imaginative tale designed to excuse Sara's late arrival home?  Her mother chooses to believe her.  But then, mom's often do.  


As the series evolves Sara and Ashley discover that the past was never boring and that history is more than simply memorizing lists of names and dates.   How they travel back in time is explained, yet not explained.  The books are thought provoking.   While the history has been carefully researched the focus of the books is on the two best friends, how they interact with each other, the people they meet, and how they each deal with new situations.  Sara and Ashley learn to think outside the box.


Each successive book becomes more sophisticated with more layers of complexity and more twists and turns.   By the fifth book, "Sara and the Puzzling Ancient Secret," Sara and Ashley are seventh graders in Junior High.  Thinking beyond conventional borders is no stranger to the girls.

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